Trying to figure out how to blog.

poser af 2


Yeah, I’m not entirely sure about how I go about this, but I need to do some more writing so I’m starting this blog!

I thought I’d start with a bit about myself; I’m a 19 year old Wiccan lesbian and recent university drop-out, barista by day, barmaid by night. I’m aiming towards a journalism apprenticeship and thought blogging might help keep up my writing skills in the meantime. And if anyone has any interest in what I have to say, even better!

This blog will mainly consist of updates on my creative writing, the Pagan/skincare products I’m making, any rituals or witchy things I do and maybe the odd book/film review. Also, be prepared for lots of opinions on just about anything that crosses my mind.

Thanks to anyone who got through this awkwardly worded intro, I promise the rest of my stuff will be better.

Blessed be )O(